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Cohort's Internet Telephony Services commonly referred to as Voice over IP replaces costly and technically complex legacy PBX systems typically provisioned for businesses with IP based technology. 

Hosted IP-PBX

Cohort's hosted IP PBX is a very cost effective solution and is ideal for businesses of all sizes and scales well for larger installation. Businesses will realize the benefits of unified communications with minimal capital expense and investment protection.

Dedicated IP-PBX

Cohort's dedicated IP-PBX uses industry standard platforms and open-source applications offering a comprehensive suite of PBX calling features. It is ideal for large single or multi-site business operations, providing a single point of management, administration and support. SIP trunking will reduce operational costs through Cohort's voice network gateway. Customer premise installation or co-location in our ultra secure data center with redundant data and power is also available.

Legacy & SIP Trunk Conversion

For businesses that are satisfied with their existing PBX functionality, but want to save money on monthly line and long distance, SIP trunk conversion will provide immediate savings and return on investment. The SIP gateway routes your analog trunks (lines) over the internet to Cohort's voice network gateway.

VoIP Hardware & Service Partners

Cohort has many years of experience both using and deploying VoIP (SIP) solutions and has standardized on the very best hardware and providers there are. Our preferred service providers and manufacturers include; Cisco Meraki's MC family of hardware and cloud managed VoIP service, Microsoft’s Skype for Business, Polycom and London Business Telephone.

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