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Mobile Device Management

Cohort has the mobile device management experience and know-how to manage your mobile deployment to successful, secure and cost-effective completion.

Company Owned Vs. User Owned Devices

It has become common practice for businesses to allow their employees to supply their own mobile devises at work.  Formerly known as Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, the company configures the device with the employee's work e-mail, calendar and contacts along with other work related mobile services such as VPN and remote file sharing rather than supplying their staff with company owned and configured devices. While doing so may increase employee productivity, job satisfaction and eliminate the need for the employee to carry multiple mobile devices it may also introduce significant risk of data loss and/or theft and can quickly increase support costs if not done right and/or left unmanaged. Cohort has solutions available that mitigate said risk and support costs using industry best practices and highly regarded MDM/EMM services and solutions.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

You don't allow unsecured computers onto your network so why are you allowing unsecured mobile devices? Because smartphones and tablets are now an integral part of conducting business and often have the same access to systems and confidential data as their Apple Macintosh and Windows PC counterparts it becomes equally important that businesses secure their mobile devices against data loss due to unauthorized access, device loss or theft.  Fortunately Cohort is well versed in several leading MDM/EMM solutions and related best practices that will not only decrease time and expense of deploying your fleet of mobile devices but will enable you to remotely enroll your devices into a MDM solution, configure devices without the need for IT staff to physically touch the device, remotely lock/unlock/wipe devices and lock-down specific apps and/or services from being added and/or removed and last but not least automatically push out any changes to the device's configuration as required.

Interested in Cohort's Mobile Device Management Solution?